Are you a Democrat or Progressive candidate or elected official?

Do you support labor unions?

Are you a workers’
rights advocate?

and Yes?

Then, you’ve gotta check out

The Bring a Dem
to Work Day

Organizing Pledge

created by local labor organizers!

I’m Proud to be one
of the first!

I’m proud to be one of the first candidates to sign, to pledge to stand up for the rights of workers, and to commit to at least 10 days a year of fighting alongside them across organizing campaigns! 


We––Democratic Electeds, Candidates, Younglingss, and Retirees––can do more for workers. And legislation (that may or may not pass is Congress) isn’t our only tool! Activism is the foundation of all people-powered movements. Let’s join workers where they are – at the picket lines, at their workplaces, and on the streets – and fight alongside them for a fairer future for all workers.

Pledge to
Stand Up
for the
Rights of Workers

Commit to at least
10 days a year.

to fight alongside labor organizing campaigns!

Looking for More Information?

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One Page Brief!

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